Billy Joe Saunders and His Sexist Views on Women

“I think women are there for sex every night.”

Those were the words of Billy Joe Saunders when asked about his views on women’s boxing.

But, he didn’t end there, and continued, “Women are there for cleaning, cooking, washing, and sex.” He finished his explaining is views on women by saying that he was a “sex maniac”.

Well, it sounds like Saunders took too many hits to the head.

For the record, I’m a female myself. I find his statements absolutely laughable. First off, no, women are not there to be used for sex every night and no, women are not maids either.

Please get yourself checked, Billy. It really looks like you lost too many brain cells.

You can watch the interview below. He starts talking about his views on women at the 2:40 mark.

Ivy Habaradas
Ivy Habaradas
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