Hank “Hammerin” Lundy on Mauricio “El Maestro” Herrera”: “He needs to fight me right away!”

Hank “Hammerin” Lundy wants a rematch against Mauricio “El Maestro” Herrera ASAP.

While Mauricio Herrera has expressed that he wants to move forwrad with his career and participate in more prominent fights, he said that he is also very open to the idea of doing a rematch against Lundy, but somehwere more down the road.

But, Lundy disagrees, “He said that because I’m a problem for him,” said Lundy on Twitter in a reply to Hooked on Boxing after being asked if he was open to a rematch.

Regardless, Lundy says that he is always ready to fight, even as soon as tomorrow. He also expects to be fighting again soon on HBO, “you will see me back on tv right way saw that was some bs I would in up KO “.

Ivy Habaradas
Ivy Habaradas
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