All Star Boxing & MMA Fight Night – August 8th, 2015 Recap

About a couple of weeks ago, I was sent an event invitation to an All Star Boxing & MMA Fight Night by Jhay Oh Otamias, a photographer who has been generous enough to provide me with photos from fights to post on my blog.

Now, I’ve never been to a “local” fight night. It has actually been a goal of mine to scour Los Angeles for local fights, because, apparently, there’s actually a lot that goes on, but you have to “dig deep” to find them.

Needless to say, I was very much looking forward to the fight night and actually messaged All Star Boxing & MMA on Facebook asking if it was possible to get press/media credentials for the night. Ed Holmes, the founder and owner of All Star, and Pete Hironaka, VP at All Star, were gracious enough to assist me on both prior and the night of the fight.

I attended the weigh-in the day before, thinking that I was late. The weigh-in actually started much later than expected.

Both the weigh-in and the fight took place at Quiet Cannon, a venue in Montebello, CA. The venue was actuall the birth place of All Star Promotions.

I met a couple of boxers, including Australian Middleweight Matty Smith, whose opponent did not make weight. Therefore, the fight was dropped, minimizing the line-up slightly.

On the night of the fight, I managed to find Ed Holmes, who personally assisted me with my inquiries and found me a seat ringside.

The room was filled with supporters in shirts, families, friends, and aspiring boxers.

First fight was between Adrian Rodriguez and Edward Ceballos. This was Ceballos’ pro debut while Rodriguez had a record of 1-5. Fight started off strong, with Ceballos immediately taking the lead. Ceballos came in swinging, with Rodriguez trying to defend himself. By the second round, Rodriguez picked up the pace, fighting back. The fight turned into a brawl. However, it wasn’t enough for Rodriguez as Ceballos had won by decision.

Second bout was between Jonathan Scroggins and Daniel Rodriguez. Scroggins supporters came with t-shirts with his name. This was Scroggins’ pro debut while this was Rodriguez’ boxing debut. From the very beginning, it was pretty evident that Rodriguez took control of the fight and led through all four rounds. Unsurprisngly, Rodriguez had won by unanimous decision, with all judges scoring the bout at 39-37.

The third fight was Alejandro Ochoa vs. Luis Sedano. Unlike the two previous fights, this fight was a little more bloody. By the fifth round, Ochoa was bleeding from his right eye. Before the start of the sixth round, Ochoa was examined by ringside doctor. Ochoa was given the clear to continue fighting. The injury wasn’t too damaging apparently, although it was a split decision with one judge scoring the fight at 58-55, and two other judges scoring at 57-56, Ochoa was given the win.

The fourth fight had Andrew Ruiz against Andres Bustamante. Ruiz, hailing from Oxnard, CA had a perfect record of 8-0 with 4 KO’s while Bustamante, from Durango, MX, was entering the fight at 6-5 with 1 KO. Bustamante was knocked down in the fourth round and was knocked out in the sixth round. Naturally, Ruiz walked away still undefeated with an additional KO on his resume.

For the fifth bout, we had Saul Bustos from Los Angeles, CA vs. Nam Phan from Westminister, CA. The fight started off casually, until a headbutt occurred. In the third round, the doctor deemed that Bustos was too injured to continue any further and the fight was stopped. The fight had ended in a no contest.

Up next was Ricardo Garcia of La Habra, CA vs. Christian Silva of Sun Valley, CA. The fight was scored at 38-38, with two other judges scoring the bout at 39-37. Silva had won by majority decision.

For the final fight of the night, we had Edgar Nava against Alex Chavez. Nava’s record consisted of only one win, which resulted in a KO. Chavez had a record of 1-1. All three judges scored the fight at 40-36, all in favor of Nava.

What I saw tonight weren’t just fighters. These were fathers, sons, and men who workd outrageous jobs in order to accommodate their real passion: boxing. Standing behing them were their families, friends, and supporters who truly believe that one of their own can make it one day. All Star Promotions has been the spawned many top fighters such as Antonio Margarito and Nonito Donaire. Do the fighters have the potential to get to that level? Most definitely.

The next All Star Boxing match is to be held in September of this year.

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