Mayweather vs. Berto Press Conference


Photo Cred: Jhay Oh Otamias

The Mayweather vs. Berto press conference took place at the JW Marrott at LA Live in Los Angeles, CA.

Ticket prices will be from $150 – $1,500.

Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, called Mayweather the “best to ever do it” and that because of him, “the game has changed.”

Mayweather went through the press conference with a sore throat. Nonetheless, despite a turbulent past relationship with his father, in a touching moment, Mayweather acknowledged that his entire journey started because of two people: Himself and his father, Mayweather Sr.

Through the public dismay of his matchup against Andre Berto, Mayweather believes that, unlike Manny Pacquiao, Berto will push Mayweather to his limits.

Speaking of Pacquiao, Mayweather went to on to say that the media hyped up Manny Pacquiao, and furthermore saying that he fought him to do his job and prove the media wrong.

While months of speculation had Berto as the top contender as Mayweather’s final opponent, amongst other contenders included Amir Khan. After the press conference, Mayweather stated that he didn’t choose Amir Khan since he has not fought and defeated Danny Garcia. Had that been the result, he would’ve fought him.

But, is this really Mayweather’s last fight? Apparently so. Mayweather stated that he is older and that his health is much more important. He said that he has had a great career and that he is content with ending it at 49-0, with the #48 win against Manny Pacquiao being the most important.

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