Golovkin/Lemieux Numbers a “Disappointment”? Now, Hold On…

Word is getting around on multiple media sources that Golovkin/Lemieux sold 150,000 PPV units (and there’s a chance that it might be lower than that).

Can anyone really call those numbers “low”? Golovkin only began fighting in the U.S., since, like, what? Since 2012? Golovkin hasn’t really “crossed over” just yet. People shouldn’t count Golovkin’s worth out right away just because of the units sold. This was his first PPV fight. Do I need to remind you that MSG sold out? Not bad for a new PPV fighter. Truth is, GGG is on his way.

“Selling out MSG and adding another title for GGG, will take that any day to build a Global Star.” Loeffler tweeted in response to a fan on Twitter.

That is very true.

Golovkin has been fighting in the U.S. for only three years, and yet he became a unified champion overnight. He made a champion boxer struggle while Golovkin finished that fight looking like he had just finished sparring (no disrespect to Lemieux, by the way. He’s a great fighter who deserves a TON of respect for taking up the challenge).

I’ve come across people who aren’t strong boxing fans, but when I mention GGG’s name, the response I get goes along like, “Oh yeah! I keep hearing about that guy! He’s a beast, right?”

As for people saying that the timing is bad because of his age…come on. He’s proven that the “30’s and retirement” thing isn’t necessarily true; he’s still fighting like he’s in his prime.

I know I probably sound like the biggest Golovkin fan girl right now. But, I was taken aback by all the so-called “disappointment” in numbers that fans were talking about.

I say, give Golovkin some time. He is a force to be reckoned with. Patience is virtue. I believe he’ll get to where he deserves to be, eventually. With the talent and charisma that he has, there’s no way this guy isn’t getting somewhere even bigger.

Ivy Habaradas
Ivy Habaradas
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