Super-Welterweight Boxer Prichard Colon in Critical Condition

Boxing is a dangerous sport. When you enter the ring, you risk your health.

Case in point, Prichard Colon, who suffered a brain injury during a match this past Saturday against Terrel Williams. He is currently under a coma.

Colon took a hit to the back of his head during the seventh round, and held his cranium; he was bleeding on the left side of his brain. He had complained about being dizzy and began to vomit backstage. After fainting, he was rushed to Fairfax Hospital in Fairfax, VA. He underwent emergency surgery to relieve the pressure caused by the bleeding in his brain.

Al Haymon, founder of Premier Boxing Champions, visited Colon in the hospital.

While Colon can breathe voluntarily, the doctors are trying to help Colon move his arms and legs too.

As entertaining as boxing can be, we always need to remember that these fighters are risking their lives. The injuries that boxers endure can be a lifetime burden.

Because of this risk, we always need to remember that if it seems like a boxer’s life is at risk, there is no shame in stopping the fight.

Colon’s family will be holding a vigil. Click here to be directed to the facebook page with more info.

Prayers for Prichard Colon.

Ivy Habaradas
Ivy Habaradas
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