Who’s a Good Boy? Golovkin Wins by TKO Against Lemieux in the 8th Round

OK. I know that I’m late by two days to be posting about this fight. I feel like the Slowpoke meme. But, believe me, I watched it as soon as I can. I just couldn’t write about it because I’m also fighting off a cold. Lame, I know. I think it’s because of LA’s bipolar weather as of late.

Anyway, Golovkin pretty much looked like the monster he is against Lemieux in the sold out Madison Square Garden in New York on Saturday night. Which is kind of funny, because I SWEAR, Golovkin is one of the happiest-go-lucky guys…ever. Outside of the ring, he is the sweetest. But inside the ring? He is by far the scariest.

Golovkin displayed how deadly his jab was. Unfortunately for Lemieux, it seemed like part of his game plan was to try and move in, but it was difficult because Golovkin’s jabs were just waiting for him.

Punch after punch, Golovkin clearly dominated this fight by landing his punches. Lemieux struggled to get hits in. Golovkin clearly had control of this fight from the very beginning.

In the third round, Lemieux managed to land some good jabs, showing some glimmer of hope.

But, in the fourth round Golovkin landed a huge left-hand shot (by the way, the look on the ref’s face is priceless if you watch it in slow-mo).

At this point, Lemieux needed a KO because it was evident that Golovkin was winning this fight.

The fifth was a little bit more interesting; and controversial. Lemieux landed a nice right-hand. But, Golovkin took it well and didn’t seem to phased by it. Golovkin answered back with a body shot.

But, the most pivotal moment in the fight was Golovkin landing a left-hook body shot, which sent Lemieux on the floor with his knees, and Golovkin continued to hit him.

Did that qualify as a disqualification? Many argue that it did. But what was more surprising was that Golovkin didn’t lose any points.

Was Golovkin’s motive intentional? In my opinion, no. Definitely not. As I said before, Golovkin is a very respectable guy. He doesn’t play dirty. It was a delayed reaction. When Lemieux fell to the floor, by the time Golovkin realized it, it was too late. Golovkin did manage to stop himself mid-way though; because, knowing how brutal Golovkin’s punches can be, Lemieux would’ve been out cold.

Despite all that, Lemieux made a comeback and had his best round in the 6th. Lemieux landed good hits, including a nice left-hook.

Between rounds, Lemieux, looked like he was really taking a beating. As for Golovkin? It looked like he barely broke a sweat.

The ref had to pause the seventh round to have the doctor take a look at Lemieux; he had a bloody nose. But, nonetheless, the doctor gave the “OK” and the fight continued.

From then on, the ref paid close attention to the French-Canadian. I have seen worse, but, by the looks of it, Lemieux looked like he was taking it really bad.

As the seventh round continued, Golovkin gave a huge right-hand. Lemieux’s face was even more bloody and Golovkin’s right-hand really did hurt him.

I would ask, “Why isn’t anyone stopping the fight?!” But, it was obvious because Lemieux showed the true heart of a warrior. He continued to fight. Yes, he was hurt. But, did it look like it phased him? He still kept going. Albeit, his punches slowed way down.

Golovkin had outboxed him.

After the seventh round, Lemieux continuing was questioned. Nonetheless, the eighth round went on.

The ref was poised to stop the fight if needed.

At 1:32 of the eighth round, the ref stops the fight. It was all over. Golovkin had won by TKO. His undefeated and KO streak continued.

Just like that, Golovkin had become the the IBF, IBO, WBA, and interim WBC unified middleweight champion.

I’m not going to lie. I was a bit surprised that this fight lasted only eight rounds. I expected it to go at least a little further, since I considered Lemieux a worthy opponent.

A champion boxer couldn’t even last. The fight ended with Golovkin looking clean while Lemieux took the most brutal beating.

But, let’s not count Lemieux out: That guy boxed his heart out. He didn’t even complain about being hit while on the floor on the fifth round. He’s a respectable guy and is very classy (and, apparently, with a nice trademark haircut). “Golovkin’s a great champion,” Lemieux said during the post-fight press conference, “a very good fighter.” Lemieux continued to say that he felt like the fight was stopped a bit too early.

Golovkin just looked like a boxing god.

Can anyone beat him? Can anyone at the least be a good enough challenge? Can anyone go all 12 rounds with him? Cotto? Canelo?

We’ll see after November 21st.

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