Boxer Holly Holm Wins Via KO Against Ronda Rousey and Wins UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion

Wow was that a shocker!

Ronda Rousey was KO’d in the second round by Holly Holm who used to be a professional boxer and kickboxer before becoming an MMA fighter. Yes. Let that sink in for a moment. Ronda. Rousey. Was. KOd. By. A. Boxer.

I bet Boxingheads everywhere nearly lost their heads when it happened.

Ronda, despite being extremely confident, actually admitted in a previous interview that since Holly originated from a boxing background, that “on paper”, Holly had an advantage.

And tonight, it showed.

From the very beginning, Holly displayed a great performance. She actually lasted one round with Ronda, even going as far as actually making her bleed. Not surprisingly, Ronda did what she could to get a hold of Holly to whip some Judo moves on her and to try grab Holly’s arm for Ronda’s signature move, the armbar.

But Holly was incredible. She knew what was coming. She was poised. She kept her distance. She would rip herself out of Ronda’s grasps and had no problem recovering. Her boxing and kickboxing skills were showcased beautifully. Ronda struggled to connect any of her punches while Holly pretty much landed all her punches and kicks perfectly. Holly got Ronda to the ground. But, when she stood up, Holly ended it all with a high kick. Ronda fell to the floor.

Ronda, for the first time in her professional career had lost. She had been KOd.

Holly’s boxing and kickboxing skills made Ronda struggle like crazy. The look on Ronda’s face throughout the fight showed it.

So, what is next for Ronda? I don’t know. But, I can already hear fans around the world yelling out, “Rematch!”

Ivy Habaradas
Ivy Habaradas
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