Canelo Alvarez Wins UD Over Miguel Cotto! What’s Next? GGG?

After much anticipation, the fight for the WBC Middleweight Championship between Cotto vs. Canelo went underway last night in the Mandalay Bay Hotel Resort in Las Vegas.

In an all out battle with nothing but respect and sportsmanship, both fighters gave it their all. Canelo, the 3-to-1 favorite, had won by UD. The judges scored the fight at 117-111, 119-109, and 118-110. It should be noted that fans on the internet disagreed with the scoring, believing that the margin of the score was too wide.

Canelo dominated due to his aggression with uppercuts and heavy punches. Alvarez was consist, leading the the most rounds and was in control. While Cotto was getting jabs in, Alvarez’ body shots still affected Cotto.

While the fight seemed close, Canelo had won.

He had become the lineal champion, having The Ring and now, the WBC Middleweight Championship.

The fight was a solid performance by the two fighters who had nothing but respect for each other. With true class, at the end of the fight, the two fighters immediately embraced each other.

And now for the much anticipated question: Will Canelo fight Gennady Golovkin?

During his post-fight interview with Max Kellerman, Canelo was asked about fighting GGG. Canelo admitted that he was originally reluctant to answer the question, “You know with all due respect, before I didn’t want to answer you because I was so excited for this fight.”

But, in true Canelo fashion he was straight-forward with his answer: “But, with all due respect, if you want him to fight right now, I’ll put the gloves on right now and fight him now!”

The arena, Canelo’s team, and boxingheads around the world cheered.

“My respect, he’s a great champion,” once again Canelo showed class, “he’s a great friend of mine. But, right now, I’ll put the gloves on against him.”

However, when asked about agreements on fighting GGG prior to this fight, Canelo said that he’d fight only Golovkin at a catchweight of 155 lbs.

Whether or not those terms are still in question are unknown.

Canelo has 15 days to officialize his decision.

Oscar De La Hoya, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, said that Canelo iis set to fight again on major Mexican holiday weekends in May and September.

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