Celebrities and Athletes From All Over Make Their Predictions!

Have you made your predictions yet?

If you haven’t, other celebs and athletes have!

Cotto vs. Canelo is happening this Saturday, November 21, 2015 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The hype has spread and not just amongst boxingheads either; legendary athletes and celebs have chimed in with their predictions.

Legends Sugar Ray Leonard, Lennox Lewis, and George Foreman have had their say but are split. Leonard and Lewis are going for Cotto while Foreman is expecting Cotto to be KO’d by Canelo!

Sugar Ray said:

“I like Cotto for sentimental reasons and for what he has meant to the sport and boxing fans! Canelo has developed and grown along the way and taken to school against one of the best in Mayweather. If Cotto becomes that Miguel Cotto I remember, he will win by a smart, technical and fearless decision.”

Lennox Lewis agrees:

“I’m picking Cotto over Canelo because he has the most experience.”

Meanwhile, George Foreman says otherwise:

“It will be a battle of wills as they are evenly matched. In my opinion, things will start to separate after that. Canelo Alvarez punches like a mule. Cotto just doesn’t have the heart to run; he will stand to fight after six rounds and by the ninth round he’ll most likely be KO’D by Canelo.”

But probably the biggest reason for the hype for the fight is that fans are expecting the winner to fight Gennady “GGG” Golovkin in a fight to unify the middleweight division.

Tom Loeffler, GGG’s manager has said that he he expects Canelo to win by decision. As for GGG? He’s expecting Canelo to KO Cotto:

“It should be a great fight between two champions and two proven warriors. The edge goes to Canelo as he is younger and physically bigger than Cotto, however you can’t count out Cotto with Freddie Roach in his corner. Tom sees it as Canelo by decision, and Gennady thinks Canelo will stop Cotto late.”

With the movie Creed coming out next week (yes, as a fellow boxinghead all the boxing stuff going on is making me excited too!), Rocky himself, Sylvestor Stallone, pretty much made an obvious prediction:

“One of those two guys will win for sure.”

Mario Lopez, host of Extra (and, to us old folk, we know him as Slater from Saved by the Bell), is loyal to Oscar De La Hoya and believes in Canelo:

“We are going for Canelo. My loyalty is to Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy Promotions. This is a big Puerto Rico and Mexican rivalry.

Rosie Perez, who is not just a phenomenal actress, but has made a strong presence in the boxing scene is sticking with her fellow Boricua:

“We are going for Canelo. My loyalty is to Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy Promotions. This is a big Puerto Rico and Mexican rivalry.

Kate Del Castillo, who starred in “The 33” is all for Canelo!

“Oh my gosh, are you kidding me? Canelo, of course! Of course!”

John David Washington, from the HBO series, Ballers can’t pick:

“We the fans are in for a dynamic action packed fight. Should be violent and dramatic. I love Cotto because he is all heart. Canelo is a beast and more experienced now. I can’t call it. What I can predict is this will truly be a fan friendly fight and one of the most entertaining fights this year no hype needed. We will get our money’s worth.”

Even people in the UFC have something to say! Bruce Buffer, the official Octagon announcer for UFC says he’s got Cotto for the win:

“Both Cotto and Canelo possess boxing skills and styles that will make a much-anticipated war in the square ring as they will bring the fight to each other. I give the edge to Miguel Cotto and may the best man that night win.”

Claudio Sanchez, the lead singer and guitarist for Coheed and Cambria, thinks that Miguel Cotto and Freddie Roach make a great duo:

“Miguel Cotto. His experience, his new trainer Freddie Roach and he left hook to the body will be the key to beating Canelo Alvarez. Viva Puerto Rico!”

Erick Aybar, short stop for the Atlanta Braves is leaning more towards Cotto due to his punching power:

“I like Cotto because he is a more experienced boxer, a harder puncher and is always leading the attack.”

Angie Martinez, American Radio Personality and The Voice of New York on Power 105.1, went straight to the point:

“Cotto, by decision.”

Rusney Castillo, right fielder for the Boston Red Sox, is supporting his Roc Nation family member:

“I have to support our Roc Nation family member, Miguel Cotto, in his fight against Canelo Alvarez on Nov. 21. I may not be sure what round he will overcome Canelo, but I am confident that Cotto will take the night!”

Larry Merchant, Longtime Boxing Analyst and Commentator for HBO Sports:

“Old Sayings, ‘Youth must be served.’ Canelo, 25, by TKO in round 10.

Old Sayings also say, ‘Great fighters always have one great fight left in them.’ Cotto, 35, by decision.

Canelo was lulled, listless vs. Mayweather; true grit vs. Kirkland. Cotto re-dedicated and restored himself vs. so-so opposition. Therefore, I’ve got Canelo.”

Sports’ writers have made their predictions known as well.

Dan Rafael from ESPN.com (who also thinks that asking boxers questions about their GF’s is unnecessary):

“Cotto is a great fighter who will be in the Hall of Fame someday but Canelo might join him there eventually and he is 10 years younger and whole lot fresher. Boxing is usually a young man’s game so I am going with Canelo by a late knockout.”

Kevin Iole, Yahoo! Sports:

“Canelo by decision. A lot of people lost faith in Canelo after he lost to Floyd Mayweather Jr. Mayweather did that to a lot of fighters. Alvarez is a supremely gifted fighter who has learned a lot since that fight. He punches well with both hands and is increasingly putting his punches together well. He’s the naturally bigger man and has youth on his side. Cotto’s late-career resurgence has been fueled, in part, by less than stellar opposition. Sergio Martinez was at the end of the line when they fought. I greatly respect Cotto, and he’s going to make it a fight, but I think the bigger, younger and stronger man will win it.”

Tim Dahlberg, Associated Press:

“I think it will be a good fight early with both fighters taking some punishment. In the end, I think Alvarez will wear down Cotto and win by TKO in the 11th round.”

Lyle Fitzsimmons, CBSSports.com:

“I can’t recall a recent high-profile fight that seems like so much a 50/50 proposition going in. Cotto has the resume and the skill set. Canelo has the youth and size. In the end, I think this will be the fight in which the youngster proves that he belongs among the elites, using an advantage in energy to carry him to a narrow win in a punishing fight. Canelo by decision.”

Lance Pugmire, The Los Angeles Times:

“Canelo Alvarez’s youth and power should decide this fight.

Even if Miguel Cotto is the smarter, more tactical fighter, he is likely to be drawn into a battle where Alvarez will punish him, and it will likely happen often enough to result in a late stoppage victory. I’ll say, 11th round.”

Jeff Powell, The Daily Mail:

“Canelo by decision.

Even though Freddie Roach’s training has clearly improved Cotto, youth and strength will prevail in what is likely to be a close fight through the first seven or eight rounds with Canelo pulling away in the later stages.

Sergio Machado, NBCDeportes.com:

“Miguel Cotto has been and still is a great boxer, actually one of the best in history. However, boxing, like pretty much everything else in life, has generational changes and this may be the time for Canelo Álvarez to take the torch and establish himself as one of the most prominent faces of the sport. Canelo represents a big problem for Cotto because of his power. In his few losses and even in some wins, Cotto has shown problems when he gets hit with power. Cotto likes to engage as well and this is something very dangerous against an opponent with prominent heavy hands. I think Canelo has a slim chance to KO Cotto in the later rounds.”

Francisco Cuevas, NBC Deportes:

“When two boxers like Canelo and Cotto meet in the ring is a great event for boxing. Cotto should win because of his experience and dedication but Canelo should also win because of his youth and power. At the end of the day the fanatics around the world will win, witnessing a true classic match between two warriors.”

Brian Campbell, ESPN.com:

“Cotto by decision.

Canelo’s advantages in size and youth are hard to ignore. But Cotto’s edge in experience will ultimately be the deciding factor. The more Cotto can use his powerful left hook to dissuade Canelo from turning the fight into a brawl, the bigger the opening will be for the Puerto Rican icon to keep it a boxing match, which plays into his favor.”

Steve Kim, UCNLive.com:

“In what I believe is a very evenly matched fight, I think youth will eventually prevail and I’m picking Saul Alvarez to edge Miguel Cotto in what will be a hard-fought contest that will see pockets of great action and swings in momentum.”

Steve Springer, Author and Former Los Angeles Times Award-Winning Sports Writer:

“Canelo by split decision.

Canelo wasn’t ready for prime time when fought Mayweather, but this is his time.
At 35, Cotto still has some fight left in him, but his age will show Saturday night.
In a tough, competitive, often brutal match, the torch will be passed.”

Robert Littal, BlackSportsOnline.com:

“I think Miguel Cotto is going to surprise some people and put a boxing lesson on Canelo. Freddie Roach is one of the best of putting a game plan together and exploiting weaknesses, I think he has seen how Canelo has problem with movement and good boxers. You are going to see a combination of excellent boxing, defense and power punching from Cotto and he will cruise to a unanimous dominate decision.”

David Avila, TheSweetScience.com:

“Before Cotto began training with Freddie Roach, I would have picked Canelo by KO. But Cotto has become a more technical and strategic fighter under Roach. Now, I consider it a deadlocked even fight. I see it ending in a draw.”

So, not surprisingly, the obvious consensus is that it will a matter of youth (Canelo) vs. experience (Cotto).

Who do you all got? Make your predictions and see you all on Saturday night!

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