5th Round TKO Victory for Terence Crawford Over Hank Lundy

Terence “Bud” Crawford won by TKO against Hank “Hammerin” Lundy in Nw York at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night.

Surprisngly, Lundy actually came off strong, taking the first round with connected jabs and uppercuts. Crawford was switch-hitting, starting off in orthodox, then going into southpaw, and then ending the round in orthodox once again.

Crawford stuck around the southpaw stance in the second round. Crawford managed to maintain a distance between him and Lundy. While Crawford did land hits, they didn’t cause too much damage.

As strong as Lundy started the fight, it seemed like he came off TOO strong. Evidently, Crawford seemed to have figured him out. Crawford, still keeping his distance, took a hard right jab from Lundy. But, immediately, Crawford countered back with a left.

The fifth round ended with an exclamation point on Crawford’s end.  Crawford landed a straight left on Lundy’s shoulder; bad news for Lundy. It went downhill from there, as with that, Crwford managed to breakthrough Lundy’s defense and shook him up. Crawford had Lundy against the ropes and then Lundy fell onto the floor. Lundy stood up once again.

To even my surprise, referee Steve Willis allowed the fight to continue.

The fight only continued a few more seconds, with Crawford landing some more lefts until finally, with two right hooks.

Willis immediately stopped the fight.

Crawford had won via TKO.

As much was going on back-and-forth before the fight, the respect was just as the same. Lundy thanked Crawford for the fight and Crawford showed the same respect. During the post-fight interview, Crawford talked about how he respects another for as long as they respect him as well.

Crawford landed 89 out of 247 of his punches while Lundy landed 47 out of 411.

Crawford retains his WBO Junior Welterweight title and improves his record to 28-0-0.

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