Golovkin vs. Canelo in September?

With Gennady Golovkin taking a win against David Lemieux back in October of last year and Canelo Alvarez’ defeating Miguel Cotto in November of last year as well, fans were expecting that a fight against between Golovkin and Alvarez were to happen soon after.

That was not the case.

With their wins, both Golovkin took home multiple titles; Golovkin became the unified WBA, IBF, IBO and interim WBC middleweight champion whereas Alvarez became the lineal champion, having won both the vacant The Ring and WBC middleweight titles.

As a result, Golovkin, being the WBC interim champion, is now the mandatory challenger to Canelo’s title.

As expected, boxing fans were just dying to have these two fight to unify the middleweight division.

It has been no secret that it has been Gennady Golovkin’s ultimate goal to do so.

There were factors such as Canelo even requesting a catch weight of 155 lbs. to fight Golovkin resulted in the fight to be “delayed”.

Instead, Golovkin is set to face Dominic Wade on April 23rd at The Forum in Los Angeles while Alvarez will face Amir Khan on May 7th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

This has not been the first time Golovkin has fought at The Forum. In fact, many consider The Forum Golovkin’s “turf”. Golovkin is looking forward to fighting back in Los Angeles:

“I’m happy to fight again at the Forum in front of my fans and friends in Los Angeles. It’s a very important fight for me, because my goal is all about the middleweight division and unifying the belt.”

So, as fate would have it, Canelo vs. GGG was not meant to be…or at least for the time being.

With both fighters having fights in a few months, a fight in September is now the plan.

But, Alvarez hasn’t really made it clear on whether or not he’d agree to the fight in the fall. Nonetheless, Golovkin’s team has a backup plan if the fight were to be delayed once again: Have him fight against American Hopkins.

GGG has been dubbed as “The Most Dangerous Man in the World” while Alvarez is a Mexican hero.

If the two were to go head-to-head, the fight would be considered one of the biggest fights of the year. This also would not be the first time the two have “fought”; the two are actually good friends and have actually sparred together a few years back.




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