Adrien Broner Facing Charges for Alleged Assault and Robbery

A warrant is out for Adrien Broner’s arrest.

Broner has allegedly attacked, robbed, and knocked out a man while using a gun outside of a bowling alley in Cincinnati.

The incident reportedly took place on Jan 21st of this year after things got intense with high-stakes betting on bowling games (yes, I am serious).

According to the lawsuit, Broner and a teammate were bowling placing bets against the alleged victim, Christopher Carson and his teammate.

Before each game, Broner would request bets that ranged between $500 – $2,000. Carson agreed, and, after some games, won $8,000 from Adrien Broner. Broner ran out of cash at that point. Broner continued to bet away anyway, placing a $6,000 bet on his credit card.

Carson had ended up winning $14,000.

Broner still wanted to play one more game and wanted to bet $6,000. Carson declined.

Broner became upset and left the bowling alley.

As Carson was leaving the bowling alley at 3 AM, Carson was confronted by Broner and eight other men.

It was then that Broner punched Carson and split his chin open.

Broner then went to his car, took a gun, demanded money, and threatened Carson again for the second time. Broner punched him again, this time knocking him unconscious.

Broner was seen inspecting the victims pockets.

Carson not only woke up to find his chin bleeding, but, also to find his pockets empty.

If all of these allegations are true, then this incident is just another thing added onto a list of erratic behaviors Broner has displayed as of late.

Just last year alone, Broner faced backlash for posing with a gun after the Charleston shooting and even posted a YouTube video going off on Floyd Mayweather, a man he used to claim as his “big brother”.

Recently, Broner posted a video on Instagram of him in Wal-Mart throwing change in the air. Even Mayweather had to comment on it, not understanding Broner’s behavior.

Broner immediately responded in a YouTube video, criticizing Mayweather, saying that he, at the age of 34, was “burning money in the club”.

While the news of the allegations have surfaced almost a week before Broner’s fight against Ashley Theopane, the fight is still set.

When asked about these allegations by, Broner simply replied, “I’m good”.


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