Ruslan Provodnikov to Retire? No Fights in 2016, Says Manager

Last we heard from Provodnikov, he lost to John Molina by decision in a twelve-round bout on June 11th.

We haven’t heard much in regards to another fight this year, but, according to his manager, Vadim Kornilov, he probably won’t fight for the rest of the year at all, even hinting at possible retirement:

“If it’s there, I wouldn’t say it’s burnt out, I would say it’s a little bit on a lower scale, it’s flickering. He’s achieved a lot in his career and life and I don’t think he wants to give away as much health as he’s had to in his previous fights.”

Kornilov wants to give Provodnikov some to have some time off so Provodnikov can come to a decision on what he wants to do next:

He’s definitely not going to fight this year. We want to give him time to just stay away from boxing as much as he can and we’ll see.”

Kornilov noted that Provodnikov is more of a “brawler” and, with his style of fighting and his age at 32, it may have taken a toll on his body compared to other boxers.

Nonetheless, Kornilove also points out that Provodnikov has taken care of himself and is secured financially.

Ivy Habaradas
Ivy Habaradas
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