Gennady “GGG” Golovkin Defeats Kell Brook

Gennady “GGG” Golovkin defeats Kell Brook in a fifth-round stoppage on Saturday at the O2 Arena in London.

Brook’s trainer, Dominic Ingle, threw in the towel after Brook and his corner noticed he couldn’t see through one of his eyes.

Immediately after the fight, Brook was taken to the hospital due to blurry vision as a result of a broken eye socket. Although trying to adjust to the injury during the fight, his vision was too impaired to continue:

“I was frustrating him. I was starting to settle into it but when you see three, four, five of them it’s difficult.”

Brook, who fought in the welterweight division, jumped up two divisions to fight Golovkin.

This was Brook’s first loss in his professional career.

While it isn’t much a shocker that GGG had won the match, what was noted, however, was GGG’s performance. It seemed lackluster, with Golovkin himself, after being asked to rate his performance, said his performance was “between a three or four.” His trainer, Abel Sanchez, agreed, rating the performance at a four.

Golovkin and Sanchez admitted that GGG was aiming for an immediate knockout, with Sanchez even having to remind him that it was a “twelve round fight”.

There was speculation regarding Golovkin’s health, as people have pointed out that he looked a bit “sickly” and “gaunt” during the weigh-in.

Sanchez explained that the drive to the weigh-in as almost two hours long, leaving GGG tired.

Regardless, GGG refuted that he was sick and that he actually felt great going in to the fight.

Previously, it was speculated that Golovkin would fight Canelo. However, GGG has expressed that he would like to fight Billy Joe Saunders next, stating that, “I need my last belt.”

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