Brandon Rios Officially Announces Retirement on Facebook

After being "grounded" for eight months, Rios got back into the ring last night against Timothy Bradley, only to suffer a 9th round KO loss. Rios himself even admitted that prior to the fight, the first two weeks of training were a struggle. He felt that his body was no longer

Brandon Rios: “It’s time to hang up the gloves!”

After being out of the game for about eight months, Rios returned to the ring against Timorhy Bradley for the WBO Welterweight title. From the very start of the fight, Rios looked completely out of it. Not too surprising, as Rios even admitted that the first two weeks of camp were

Golovkin/Lemieux Numbers a “Disappointment”? Now, Hold On…

Word is getting around on multiple media sources that Golovkin/Lemieux sold 150,000 PPV units (and there’s a chance that it might be lower than that). Can anyone really call those numbers “low”? Golovkin only began fighting in the U.S., since, like, what? Since 2012? Golovkin hasn’t really “crossed over” just yet.

Golovkin Promo Song

Mario Ruiz and Omar Cruz have made Gennady Golovkin a promo song with a music video starring the middleweight champion himself! Feeling the Golovkin/Lemieux hype yet? Watch the video below:

Face-Off: Golovkin/Lemieux

Gennady Golovkin and David Lemieux and their trainers, Abel Sanchez and Marc Ramsay, meet face-to-face with Max Kellerman. Golovkin and Lemieux will go head-to-head in a middleweight unification fight. Winner of the fight takes on the winner of Cotto vs. Canelo. Watch the Face-Off below: